The dream for an inclusive India

In a gist of events that occurred recently Prime Minister Narendra Modi displayed a brilliant show of power and that he has popular support when the Bharatiya Janata Party conducted a road show in Surat, highlight of the roadshow was flashing disco light, humongous television screens, 10,000 bikers leading the procession, and amidst all the Prime Minister waving his hand from his shining SUV, such a glorious moment even for the man himself.

Prime Minister visit to Surat has been just after the BJP Executives National meet, agenda clearly to gain higher ground in Orissa and the eastern provinces of India. From an eagle eye perspective can we really complain of BJP and Prime Minister at large for gaining popular support and rewriting BJP political demography with every assembly election.


Cathal McNaughton/Reuters

Whereas in a turn of an event a large group of farmers from Tamil Nadu has been demonstrating protests for more than a month now, with half shaved head and mustaches, farmers eating snakes – quite a theatrics. It was last Mahendra Singh Tikait along with five lakh farmers marched into the Boat Club lawns with tractors and utensils which brought down the Rajiv Gandhi government for negotiations.

 The group of farmers from Tamil Nadu is determined to get the government to meet their various demands, which include a Rs 40,000 central drought relief fund and pensions for old farmers who can no longer tend to their fields.  Cauvery water sharing with Karnataka is a major slice of this protest where both the states have failed to reach a fair solution on the table.

Amongst the development of Digital India where cashless economy is the newly adopted model of growth, the farmers from Tamil Nadu today echoes for a hand who will lobby for their issues with the government at the Centre, all eyes are now on the Prime Minister for where does his allegiance lie either the sudden uproar for a digitalized India or an inclusive India which comprises of the farmers and every person of the lesser known economy.

Written BySubhajit Paul

Picture – Cathal McNaughton

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